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Did You Know...

That 30% of the 15 billion claims submitted annually in the US are denied?

That of that 30%, 15% (675 million) are never resubmitted?

That Medicare denies about 11% of all claims submitted?

That of that 11%, 40% are never resubmitted?

That according to CMS data, 65% of the claims carriers reviewed on appeal resulted in an increased    payment to the provider?

That 70-80% of all appealed claims are eventually paid?

If you knew all, or most, of the above Congratulations, you’re a billing professional!

But if you didn’’re the average hard-working, under-paid physician, who didn’t go to medical school to learn how to code and submit claims, reconcile EOBs and collect past due accounts.

Here’s where we, Integrity Billing Solutions, come in...

At Integrity Billing Solutions we utilize electronic submissions to guarantee timely claims payment...

  • We track all claims for immediate payment, follow up, and resolution;
  • We post all payments by line item to ensure that each reimbursed service matches your fee schedule;
  • We make sure that you receive all of the reimbursement for each patient service that you are entitled to;
  • And we appeal each denied claim to get your reimbursement, even to the state hearing level if necessary.

And to help manage your cash flow and expenses...

  • We provide comprehensive activity reports on a monthly basis, including amounts billed, paid and pending;
  • We identify contractual adjustments for each payer, as well as a variety of non-contractual adjustments like bundling adjustments and whether or not you are obtaining valid ABN's;
  • We help you identify and add complimentary services to diversify and expand current revenue streams to optimize financial performance

At Integrity Billing Solutions we pride ourselves on our reporting capabilities and the data-driven illustrations
they provide. Contact us today for a complimentary review of your practice's billing process, we will also provide sample
copies of our monthly reports.

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