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Workers Compensation patients can be a very good revenue source for your practice…if you know how to manage these patients and you know how to navigate the new regulations governing billing for these services.


Recent rules established in SB 863 have set up a host of new requirements for physicians treating workers compensation patients. Being caught off-guard by these new requirements will cost you significantly!

New requirements implementing RBRVS for Workers Comp cases, combined with the new Request for Authorization (RFA), Second Bill Review (SBR),  Independent Bill Review (IBR), Independent (IMR), Medical Provider Networks (MPNs) and Lien processes and filing requirements make it virtually impossible for physician offices to stay compliant.

Insurance carriers know this. They are using every aspect of the law that they can to deny payment!  They’re even adding their own interpretations.  Recently, one of our doctors received a denial with the reason of “No Reason”.  How would you, as a provider, respond to that?

And In Case You Thought It’s Not That Hard…

  • Do you know how to calculate your reimbursement under the new RBRVS fee schedule for Workers Comp?
  • Do you know which services are no longer reimbursable under SB863 and which ones have been bundled?
  • Do you know when you are required to submit a Request for Approval for services covered by Workers Compensation?
  • Do you know how long you have to complete a Second Bill Request?
  • Do you know what the requirements are for submitting a request for Independent Bill Review?  Do you know what forms to use?
  • Are you electronically submitting and date stamping your workers’ comp claims so that you can defend timely filing, SBR and IBR submissions?

We Will Reduce the Negative Impact of SB863 on Your Practice…and Increase Your Workers Compensation Revenue!

We’ll ensure that your billings meet new regulations;

We’ll ensure that your coding is up to date, and that you meet all timely filing requirements;

We’ll challenge all denied claims, and support those challenges to get you all the reimbursement you’re entitled to;

Finally, we’ll identify and implement new revenue streams to offset any losses due to reduced reimbursement, and help grow your practice at the same time

The Clock Is Ticking, Insurance Companies Are Moving Fast, What About You?
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